My Family Financial Miracle Testimonial

After many years in the financial services arena, I thought that I had seen every marketing program and marketing system on the planet.

In that time I spent thousands of dollars on countless lead programs that never delivered the results they promised.  I’m sure many of you have done the same.

Well, I was tired of the “hot lead” rhetoric, and was ready to throw in the towel on finding the perfect system, when, by accident, I stumbled upon what I now know as the PERFECT MARKETING PROGRAM, the HOLY GRAIL of LEAD GENERATING SYSTEMS.  It is called MFFM – My Family Financial Miracle.

My Family Financial Miracle is different than other programs you may have tried.  You see, it’s all based around a concept…a belief that TAX FREE is better than TAX DEFERRED or TAXABLE.  A belief that our clients, businesses and individuals, should be able to grow their money without market risk, earn stock market-like returns, tax free growth and tax free income distributions, protect money from future tax increases, protect funds from litigation and lawsuits, and provide tax free benefits for unforeseen healthcare expenses in retirement. And most importantly, have liquidity, use and control of their money.

MFFM was built by our Nation’s top IUL expert, Merle Gilley.  Merle has taken his passion for using Indexed Universal Life as a WEALTH GENERATING MACHINE, and created a Marketing System that EVERY insurance agent and financial advisor can use to explode their personal business.

Imagine having a continual source of QUALIFIED LEADS who are already sold on the concept of IUL.  Prospects who are asking YOU to run them illustrations…and asking YOU to take an application.  Don’t believe me?  I’m telling you the truth!  Merle’s system really works…it is the real deal.   And that’s why I have re-focused my ENTIRE BUSINESS around selling IUL and using the MFFM system.

The owner of Wealthmark Advisors is a good friend of Merle’s, and has partnered with him to roll out this incredible program.  I’ve worked with Dave Shields at Wealthmark for many years and I know that his focus is on growing my business.  When he introduced me to the My Family Financial Miracle concept, I knew that I had to trust him.  I’m sure glad I did.

Dave and his staff at Wealthmark have helped me build my entire MFFM marketing program and learn the details behind constructing the perfect IUL strategy for my clients.  I’ve written over $70,000 in target premium so far this year and have a target of $500K for 2016.  This will be my best year ever in the business.

I’m serious…you can have this success too!  Get in touch with Wealthmark Advisors and speak with one of their Marketing Partners to find out how they can help you build your IUL empire using the My Family Financial Miracle program.  I promise you will be glad you did!

My Family Financial Miracle Review