K.I.S.S. ME! It's the FIA You've Been Looking For!

Ever felt like you’re KISSING your commissions goodbye?  Once you’ve explained a complex income rider, a myriad of fees and a slew of restrictions on how clients may access their own money, do your prospects glaze over and never return your calls?

 What if there was an Indexed Annuity that did just that – kept your clients’ retirement dollars safe with simple indexing options, great caps and rates, and could do it without a fee?  A true FIA, all wrapped in a bow by an “A”-rated carrier?  Would you be interested?

We’ve found a product that has revived the K.I.S.S. concept – just Keep It Simple, Silly!

  • 10 or 7 year product versions, both with a 1% premium enhancement
  • 2.40% Fixed Rate
  • 2.00% Monthly Point-to-Point Cap
  • 5.00% Annual Point-to-Point Cap
  • OPTIONAL Income Rider – if no income rider is elected, there is NO FEE on the contract!
  • Issue ages 0-80
  • 10% penalty-free withdrawal privileges
  • Confinement, Disability and Terminal Illness surrender charge waivers
  • 7% GA Commission on the 10 year product!
  • Rated “A” by A.M. Best; founded in 1905!

If you’re one of the many agents who is missing a SIMPLE and SAFE annuity in your product portfolio, give us a call!  Your clients may want to kiss you for keeping their hard-earned retirement dollars growing steadily in a safe and secure FIA with a company they can trust!

Call us today at 800-274-2844 or click on the link below!


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