Annuity Apps in a Snap!

Forethought Life Insurance Company recently released their SnapApp electronic annuity application for their exclusive Income 150+™ product.  Not only is SnapApp highly convenient for today’s on the go producer, but the electronic application also helps to seamlessly eliminate NIGO (Not In Good Order) issues, resulting in a faster review process! 


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An electronic application is only one of many things to enjoy about the Income 150+™ product!  Some highlights of this exclusive annuity are as follows:


– Issue ages 55-80

– 4 income bonuses in the first 10 years, provided income has not yet been triggered

– Uncapped crediting strategy option

– 4.50% APTP Cap

– Optional income rider – 95 BPS Cost

– 7.00% GA Commission – even in “light” states!

– This product qualifies for a commission bonus of up to 2.00%! (flyer is attached if you want to look at or use it…)


This product is only available through select IMOs, and WealthMark Advisors has it! 

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