All Aboard the Ultra Express!

Accumulation, retirement income, and choice are the fuel to keep your clients retirement on track, and the NEW AdvanceMark Ultra fixed indexed annuity is the engine!

Exceptional, extremely exciting, ultra-competitive caps and rates!*

• Tremendous caps and rates can advance your client’s account value to the next station.

• 4% Monthly Cap, 5.75% Annual Reset

Significant payments for life!

• Extreme value income rider provides strong payouts.**

• 7% income base roll-up and a low-cost 70 bps rider charge rate.

Robust accumulation jolt!

• With 8.50%tt    GA-level comp to age 75 (issues to age 85)!

• 10% vesting bonus on 14-year surrender charge schedule or 7% vesting bonus on 10-year surrender charge schedule.t

• Bonus vests 100% at death!

Call today for details! 1-800-274-2844

* Rates effective October 1, 2013 and subject to change. Index rates are subject to a cap, spread, or declared rate, and caps, spreads, and declared rates are subject to change at the insurer’s discretion.**
** Roll-up amount is a current guaranteed rate. Fidelity & Guaranty Life reserves the right to change this rate for future sales of Income Freedom Rider and upon restart to not less than a minimum guaranteed rate of 3%.
tBonus amounts are reduced by 50% for ages 76+.
ttOn AdvanceMark Ultra14. Refer to Compensation Schedule for details, including rates for older ages.

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