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Solutions for Advisors

Build your customer base with customized financial recommendations that deliver insurance solutions providing guaranteed income and asset protection.

AssessBEST takes Fiduciary Training seriously. Learn from the BEST. Fiduciary, Best Interest Contracts, 84-24, Impartial Conduct Standard. Your clients are expecting you to know the RULES.

Annuity Benchmark Calculator

AssessBEST bench marking is an exclusive tool for the BIC signatory to compare products and carriers in the analysis process to determine if the recommendation meets the prudent man test.

Applications & Disclosure Forms

AssessBEST gives the Financial Institution and its oversight team immediate access to any application and the disclosure forms for all business subject to the Best Interest Contract Exemption.

Suitability Forms

AssessBEST provides an efficient path to the suitability forms necessary to determine if an annuity sale is appropriate for case at hand.

Advisor Recommendation Report

AssessBEST software is consistent, reliable and repeatable. It produces a recommendation report that is overseen by the designated financial institution.

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